Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mina's Top Eleven People To Kill List, In No Particular Order

1. People who still think typIngGggG LykE DiS IzZz Kewl.

2. Jaywalkers who wait until the light is green to run across the road. Green means go for cars, and you are not a Honda, this I can assure you.

3. Parents who think their spoilt, screaming babies break the sound barrier in a vacuum where nobody can hear them. The entire neighbourhood can. Really.

4. People who take forever to buy their fifty thousand smarmy valentine cards while you synapse behind them with an armload of books, exact change and mother waiting in car.

5. Aunties who grab the kapra you're fingering at Auriga/Depot/anywhere right out of your hand. Hello, I wasn't done yet. And stop trying to push me aside- your butt may be five times bigger but I am a stubborn skinny girl.

6. People who pull your bandanna backwards so you have to spend five minutes untying and retying it. It is NOT funny.

7. Whoever made the Bahria Town infomercial. Actually, every infomercial ever made. What in God's name is the Gymkhana guy doing asking people about earthquakes anyway?

8. People who dog-ear their pages and splay their books face-down instead of using a bookmark. Show some respect; if you can't then please watch television like regular amoeba people do.

9. People who talk about stupid things sitting behind you in class or at a funeral- I don't want to know why you ate six bananas yesterday or why you fought with your lover who is the reason for your phone incessantly ringing. Promise.

10. Strangers on Orkut. Please Go Away. I swear I don't want to be your frand no matter how nice jolly friendly sweet and caring you are.

11. Smelly people. Scent is eminently controllable; please don't make other people ill with your miscreant hygiene regimen.

Mina at 10:48 PM


Saturday, January 28, 2006

you are beautifullest

the morning after.
your eyes are smoky, kohl
lingering in languid
latenight eyelashes

your hair tumbled carelessly past
your shoulders, their careful nighttime curls
relaxed into ripples now

methinks you are beautifullest
this way,
when there is only i
to watch you walk across a

and all your smiles
are only mine
to find,
my heart alive

Mina at 10:58 AM


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Her hair leans forward, a thick glossy sheet that fringes over her eyes and curves across her face in chocolate coloured repose. Her mouth hangs open, her lips foolishly drooping down as she writes with laborious intent.

Of all things to smell like he smells like candle wax, bouncing in his chair with manic energy, choking and burping on his drink. His hair is thick and looks recently washed.

She has a big butt, her jeans breathless around her body. There are faded stretchy marks across the front. Her hands are small and move with precise grace, a heavy carved ring glinting from her middle finger.

He is tall. Very tall. And skinny, and his sweater has been worn into loose thinness at the bottom; the knit stretched out from countless pullings on and off. His feet are scrubbed, surprisingly light. His nails are neatly clipped, hands and feet, rounded and clean.

Her skin is flawless, glowing like a piece of a full moon, her eyes are almond-shaped. She is wearing pretty feminine sandals. Her toes are painted a gothic black-purple, chipped off her pointed nails.

The back of his head is beautiful; an even hairline and a lovely neck curving with smooth grace into his sweater. His expression is vacant, his features thick and uninspiring.

Mina at 9:47 PM


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For all the beautiful, brilliant women I love
whose bright, generous hearts are broken by idiot, yellow clods masquerading
as soul mates.

Mina at 6:54 PM


Monday, January 23, 2006

(for s, and The Plan)

you're so gotdamn beautiful sometimes i
want to take myself apart
and reassemble the parts jaisey
tum kaho. i'd be a Dali
for you, i could be
scrambled eggs. you

make me want to pull my hair
and jump on and off the pavement
freaking out car drivers coming
meri taraf
and chew you up and spit you
out but exactly the same...only
spitty, so nobody will want to
take you home but me


i want to get you in the mail
every day, viagra
spam and all
i want to bookmark you and put
you in my handbag. you are
better than yellow cake with chocolate frosting
and that is saying much

hai kitna FUN ho na?
ajao na adventure hai
lets make franship

(the best thing is that i
know your smile
equals mine)

Love Song for Alfonso

Mina at 1:37 AM


Sunday, January 22, 2006


Mina at 12:34 PM


Friday, January 20, 2006

today in islamic spirituality K told us a story, from rumi. it was about the caliph haroun al rashid and his slave whose name was ayeaz. one day the caliph gives ayeaz a platter of fruit to eat, so he does, with great relish. the caliph is pleased so he gives his favourite servant another platter, and then another. ayeaz does justice to all of them, with a lot of enjoyment and full yum-yum...so much so that the caliph is tempted too, and reaches for a piece. when he eats it, he finds it's horrible and bitter. shocked, the caliph asks ayeaz why he was displaying such relish eating the fruit when it was in fact disgusting and should not have been eaten...ayeaz replies that the caliph has given him so much and he is so grateful for it that if an offering from the caliph should turn out to be a bitter one, even then ayeaz would be happy to have it.

this, i think, is so profound in terms of gratitude for Allah Miyaan, who gives us so much all the time, and whenever something goes wrong we get so grumpy in a flash... or constantly brood about what we don't have instead of being grateful for everything we do. shouldn't the happinesses we've been given be worth so much to us that the sadnesses we experience are tokens one would willingly pay in remembrance of our joy, and in the hope- even the certainty-that it will, Inshallah, return to us fuller and more beautiful than before?

Mina at 4:13 PM


Monday, January 16, 2006

you leave without a backward
glance, brushing me off
your heart like water from
a stone

somewhere amidst the lamplit
corner tables you imagine there is an
ashtray full of the things
you and i knew-

bottlecaps and cigarette
butts, teabags of
newsprint and broken
plastic spoons

i used to hate goodbyes
before i met you
i knew the brightness of
your laughter before
you taught me the thickness
of your walls

i like to draw sunlit things
on your blankness sometimes,
tracing a memory of a butterfly
orange i once knew

Mina at 8:57 PM


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

really excellent lunch today. remembered the egg custard sauce too, goody..put a call through for recipe to best friend whose cell is chronically thrown in a hole somewhere ringing forlornly...lol someday it'll be really important to phir kya karogi tum? huhuhuhuh? and the rest of my girls can't cook for squat so really.."suno suno d'you know pouring custard main kitna doodh dalta hai?" "uhhh i can make iliachi wali chai, if that helps"...hahaha gotta lub dem girls :D

my niece writes, i discover, while trying to get her to tell me why she hates school. so i did the big sister slash cool aunt thing and told her to e-mail me a story or two and i'd give her some feedback....she's in the horror story writing phase, lol...much nostalgia there for all the gory ones i used to write for english; lots of people being hacked to bits by mad axe murderers and eyeballs in the hallway and haunted urns and their residual bloodthirsty ghosts and other fun, fun things...later on when taaya came over for a last cup of nighttime kashmiri chai and to finish the lunchtime cigar with abbu, he told me that niece sahiba ne poora interview liya taaya ka regarding what i write and how much!!!! hahahaha! the little prat is eleven years old and wishes to verify whether i'm qualified enough to review her work, the little minx! hahahaha we are most amused. tomorrow we shall take copy of book to show her.

three words: Lindt 70% ('seventypercent' its one word buss) Dark. Oh My Sainted Aunt. even sana's converted. it's an assault. it's sheer effrontery. it's heaven. and the best thing is that i got it as a surprise present...haha what're the odds? presents are fantastic. makes you feel all snuggly. pretty butterfly on belt :))

Mina at 10:45 PM


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lifted off Khizzy's blog, who got it from some magazine (sounds like the back page of TFT lol)...presenting Top Ten Ways To Tell That You Are A Punjabi!!

10. When you’re happy, you eat
9. When you’re sad, you eat
8. When someone dies, you eat
7. When someone is born, you eat
6. When you meet, you curse
5. In your dreams, you curse
4. When you’re being romantic, you curse (this one i don't get...thappar na parey?)
3. When you are overcome with joy, you curse
2. If you really like someone, you curse

and the coup:
1. If you really, really, really like someone, you kill them


Mina at 10:39 PM


the boys are gone :(

y'know in 'saari raat jaga' that line at the end of the chorus where he goes 'aur tujhey jaagna aaye'? i think that's a great line...'may you learn the meaning of sleeplessness', roughly... good revenge, nahien? i hope you never sleep again, wandering through life pink-eyed and buzzing with misery, and i be the only place where you can ever find rest again. oye hoye. pox ho to aisi.

yaar boys wapis ajao na vot issss :P

josh naal paao bhangra was on the radio this morning and the sikh one reminds me of zahid chacha (i've never called anyone chacha in my life, it feels funny saying it whenever i do. alien but good.) and then i remembered the last time i spoke to him and i had to tell him and then i felt really awful.

it's cold. i plan to kidnap my granny and take her out to eat dahi bhallay one of these days; this week-of-chuttis will be utilized well, buss. and i will buff amma's nails today hehehe i wish i could fold her up and put her in my pocket sometimes. bauhat zaroori hoti hain ammiyan.

Mina at 1:43 PM


Thursday, January 05, 2006

mumma is ghaseetofying chairs away from the dining table

"these fickle, fuddled words confuse me"

yeaaay osmund ki haan hogayi woo hoooo *does chicken dance of joy* i'm so happyy for himmm ballay ballay shawa shawa chikalaka-chikalaka boom boom haha he's so cute he calls it a fairy-tale, bless his heart

pretty birthday baubles go schyaan schyaan brighter than the blue blue sky

i don't want to read you, stendhal! you are boring and i know what happens in the end!

i bought me- hold your breeth- a nail buffer!!! gasp! now i will be one of those girls! indolent secretary, fashion-queen type! hahahahahaa but i like having shinyshiny nails, they look pretty :)

okay the monitor's gone bonkers, silly old clunker

Mina at 5:46 PM