Monday, January 23, 2006

(for s, and The Plan)

you're so gotdamn beautiful sometimes i
want to take myself apart
and reassemble the parts jaisey
tum kaho. i'd be a Dali
for you, i could be
scrambled eggs. you

make me want to pull my hair
and jump on and off the pavement
freaking out car drivers coming
meri taraf
and chew you up and spit you
out but exactly the same...only
spitty, so nobody will want to
take you home but me


i want to get you in the mail
every day, viagra
spam and all
i want to bookmark you and put
you in my handbag. you are
better than yellow cake with chocolate frosting
and that is saying much

hai kitna FUN ho na?
ajao na adventure hai
lets make franship

(the best thing is that i
know your smile
equals mine)

Love Song for Alfonso

Mina at 1:37 AM