Thursday, January 05, 2006

mumma is ghaseetofying chairs away from the dining table

"these fickle, fuddled words confuse me"

yeaaay osmund ki haan hogayi woo hoooo *does chicken dance of joy* i'm so happyy for himmm ballay ballay shawa shawa chikalaka-chikalaka boom boom haha he's so cute he calls it a fairy-tale, bless his heart

pretty birthday baubles go schyaan schyaan brighter than the blue blue sky

i don't want to read you, stendhal! you are boring and i know what happens in the end!

i bought me- hold your breeth- a nail buffer!!! gasp! now i will be one of those girls! indolent secretary, fashion-queen type! hahahahahaa but i like having shinyshiny nails, they look pretty :)

okay the monitor's gone bonkers, silly old clunker

Mina at 5:46 PM