Saturday, January 07, 2006

the boys are gone :(

y'know in 'saari raat jaga' that line at the end of the chorus where he goes 'aur tujhey jaagna aaye'? i think that's a great line...'may you learn the meaning of sleeplessness', roughly... good revenge, nahien? i hope you never sleep again, wandering through life pink-eyed and buzzing with misery, and i be the only place where you can ever find rest again. oye hoye. pox ho to aisi.

yaar boys wapis ajao na vot issss :P

josh naal paao bhangra was on the radio this morning and the sikh one reminds me of zahid chacha (i've never called anyone chacha in my life, it feels funny saying it whenever i do. alien but good.) and then i remembered the last time i spoke to him and i had to tell him and then i felt really awful.

it's cold. i plan to kidnap my granny and take her out to eat dahi bhallay one of these days; this week-of-chuttis will be utilized well, buss. and i will buff amma's nails today hehehe i wish i could fold her up and put her in my pocket sometimes. bauhat zaroori hoti hain ammiyan.

Mina at 1:43 PM