Tuesday, January 10, 2006

really excellent lunch today. remembered the egg custard sauce too, goody..put a call through for recipe to best friend whose cell is chronically thrown in a hole somewhere ringing forlornly...lol someday it'll be really important to phir kya karogi tum? huhuhuhuh? and the rest of my girls can't cook for squat so really.."suno suno d'you know pouring custard main kitna doodh dalta hai?" "uhhh i can make iliachi wali chai, if that helps"...hahaha gotta lub dem girls :D

my niece writes, i discover, while trying to get her to tell me why she hates school. so i did the big sister slash cool aunt thing and told her to e-mail me a story or two and i'd give her some feedback....she's in the horror story writing phase, lol...much nostalgia there for all the gory ones i used to write for english; lots of people being hacked to bits by mad axe murderers and eyeballs in the hallway and haunted urns and their residual bloodthirsty ghosts and other fun, fun things...later on when taaya came over for a last cup of nighttime kashmiri chai and to finish the lunchtime cigar with abbu, he told me that niece sahiba ne poora interview liya taaya ka regarding what i write and how much!!!! hahahaha! the little prat is eleven years old and wishes to verify whether i'm qualified enough to review her work, the little minx! hahahaha we are most amused. tomorrow we shall take copy of book to show her.

three words: Lindt 70% ('seventypercent' its one word buss) Dark. Oh My Sainted Aunt. even sana's converted. it's an assault. it's sheer effrontery. it's heaven. and the best thing is that i got it as a surprise present...haha what're the odds? presents are fantastic. makes you feel all snuggly. pretty butterfly on belt :))

Mina at 10:45 PM