Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hold me up to the light;
you will see poems.

Hold me in the dark;
you will see light.

from We Learned
by Erica Jong

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

a parrkkk a parrkkkk with a swiiinngggg whyyy o whhyyy do i live in the boooniieeeessss away from a paarrrkkkkk with a swiiinngggg whyeeeeeee

and i hate frolicking in the rain alone :P

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Friday, July 28, 2006

enough of desifying theatre! time to produce authentic desi theatre! buss! gorpy hath spoken.

i think i'll go study comparative literature in venezuela. buss. yeh acha plan hai, will get to learn spanish and watch alo, presidente! for nashta...khekhe what a funly. and go dancing every second night in a swishy red skirt. everything boils down to books and dancing. and food.

dua karo that moweeza and my Stupendous Book Plan works out. t'will be fantastic, inshallah.

am burning a CD for missis shah with an atom's worth of data; the glaring "bajillion MB free" on nero is making me feel like degenerate CD-waster. there, i have clicked the button, bruuhuahuahahahaaaaaa time to flood the world with anonymous CDs of django reinhardt's twingly twangly music to Save the Philistines...unleash the drakonssssss, anja!

there're birds everywhere at work! today i found a teeny weeny little one engraved on the sink, behind the faucet!! in retrospect maybe i should have tried to say something to it in Bird, shayad secret tunnel khul jaata that led to the subway bathroom, and i could have eaten a veggie delite without violating the Lunch Ittehad.

"scribbles on a perfume note"

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I know it doesn't change anything, but go here and vote for Lebanon. Numbers still count.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

oyez oyez. the mina has a job, laydees and germs! yes! 'tis true! i wake up in the morning and cannot go back to sleep because i am naukri-paisha young woman, freshly bsc-ed, bright eyed and hair washed and stepping out into the Real World with an enormous jute bag in serveral shades of blue, slightly starched kurta, requisite bling and a laptop ka basta. off to assistant editorfy Simorgh's journal called bayan and help out with their other projects in between. am most pleased with myself. the place is a gorgeous sleepy house tucked away in a tiny gully. the doors are painted blue and have stars and birds on them, and there is the darlingest magickest little verandah at the back that i am in love with, bird wali bench and dreaming green canopy of leaves and all :D time to work now. hee hee hee.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

wednesday wandering: more

"more cheese!"

"more maca-roni!"

"more cheese and maca-roni!"

muriel when she gets blown away in a counter-clockwise twister and becomes five with a pronounced slavic accent, and courage is making her mac and cheese for lunch

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

just sent in the last paper i will ever write for university. well, then :)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

it is offically so humid in lahore that my glasses fog up whenever i leave an air-conditioned room. the last time they did that was when we were in dubai and leaping from air-conditioned hotel to air-conditioned taxi. really. 'tis quite enough of summer i think, run along now, chop chop *claps her hands like prissy butler*

zidane had a damn good reason to head-butt the italian dimwit who insists he "doesn't even know what a terrorist is". yeah. uh huh. you may be a jock but everyone knows what a terrorist is, particularly- as amma astutely pointed out- when you come from the country that gave us the Mafia. someone needs to pity that fool.

the nation switched the numbers on the age of the italian coach. now he's 85.

dammit!!! stupid pdf files are CORRUPTED?!?! but WHY?! aaaaaaaaargghh! i hate being thwarted!

and the best thing to come out of today (other than learning how to logickfy): "luke....i am your accountant...." hahahaha the Mean Girls are truly supremo.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gorpy Jumps onto the Wandering Wagon (YAY): Enough

you are my horn, ending in the ocean
and i keep drinking

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

why are man-clothes so much thanda-er than woman clothes? i have a vague sense of injustice as i clomp through the house, my feet stuck in enormous man-slides a bajillion sizes too big and a pair of long shorts ali grew out of hanging off my bum in glorious ventilated happiness before i realise that except for my faded kaali lums wali t-shirt, i'm wearing man-clothes so why should i feel injusticed?

i can't believe i've written five thousand words on plato and whether he's a feminist or not. at this point i want to just say "look, i think he wasn't and that should enough, because one day i will be really famous and then even if i said the sky was an elephant's bottom everyone would believe me". speaking of elephant bottoms being believable, i had a lovely little argument with shahid hussain in the last plato and aristotle class about reality and logic and i told him his definition of reality was redundant and end main he said 'as long as you think it's real you shouldn't give a pig's snout about other people's opinion' (well he didn't say pig snout) so i was right in the end. hoooraayy for meeeee!

sana the purple llama just won't go left into the sidebar, no matter how beautifully aligned it looks in the template preview! yeh kya dhoka hai? huumaaayyy fix iiiiitttttt *makes big weepy eyes*

frou frou wali imogen heap zaroor opium peeti hogi, her voice has a delicious narcotic quality to it that tennyson would have gone ga-ga over for a reading of 'the lotos-eaters'. speaking of poetry readings mehran is so nice, i gave him one of the Special CDs to burn Lovely Things on and now i have lolita read by jeremy irons ("she was lolita in the morning".... aaagghh i burn, i pine, i perish) and neruda by andy garcia, whose accent translates marvellously into neruda's work...the julia roberts readings i'm still a little iffy about; her R's jangle too much.

"necessity..not geometrical, but another kind of necessity that lovers know". plato, and this wasn't about the state, but about the reason why guardian-trained men and women would get together. did i mention how puppet reduced plato to an uncle? i was in the passenger seat and he was in the back kyunke ali was driving, and i put the pile of my books in the back. puppet is an inquisitve man, and i hear his voice murmur 'uncle bashir'. i turn around, wondering where that came from, when i see him holding my beautiful hardback copy of the 'republic'. the jacket has a photograph of a frieze on it that my driver proceeds to point at, grin and say 'yeh kitaab uncle bashir ne likhi hai'. i blinked at him, trying to translate "NO! it's by plato, only the most important man in all of the western intellecual world, the man who wrote the books to which all other knowledge is but a footnote according to some pratty people". ended up shaking my head and saying "jeeeeee nahien!"

not geometrical, i can't get over the cuteness of it

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The American Surgeon-General's put the slammer on smoking- this time coming back through second-hand. Your chances of having heart disease and/or lung cancer (not to mention breast cancer and the horrible SIDS) ups by 30% if you're exposed to second-hand smoke. Thirty percent chances of one developing an awful, potentially fatal disease for something you don't even do, or you upping the chances of a loved one being seriously ill!? No thank you!

Mina at 9:58 PM


every time i see 'cretan' i think of 'cretin'. this also amuses me in a singular manner. kal i almost burst out laughing because someone had written 'aaaaaaAAAAAAA' in an arc across one of the three greenboards in A-2, and added "(the horror)" beneath it. this was the day's artwork for BAM's class (that, to his credit, he puts up with good humor), and was quite the funny, particularly when i got to thinking of who could have written it, Bilal's expression when he found the first anonymous inscription (last se last class someone'd written, in lovely yellow chalked cursive, "i hate coming to class") and how funny the letters themselves looked, arcing in kitschy cartoon anguish...khekhe...bauhat hansi aarahi thi, luckily hira started a red-eared paroxysm of her own that put the entire class in fits. sometimes i think i belong in a black and white mickey mouse cartoon- the rawer ones where mickey is not a benign smiley little chooha but a horny rapist trying to force an indignant minnie to kiss him, and she beats him up and jumps off a plane using her bloomers as a parachute jo most realistically stretch hojatey hain- just so i can have a little thought bubble emerging from my head that has a little screw and a ball like the dogs do in archie comics. and the fruit-roll ups are scooby doo ones, and say 'fruit roll-rups' thusly, which i think is the best detail i've noticed in a long time :D

Mina at 5:51 PM