Tuesday, July 25, 2006

oyez oyez. the mina has a job, laydees and germs! yes! 'tis true! i wake up in the morning and cannot go back to sleep because i am naukri-paisha young woman, freshly bsc-ed, bright eyed and hair washed and stepping out into the Real World with an enormous jute bag in serveral shades of blue, slightly starched kurta, requisite bling and a laptop ka basta. off to assistant editorfy Simorgh's journal called bayan and help out with their other projects in between. am most pleased with myself. the place is a gorgeous sleepy house tucked away in a tiny gully. the doors are painted blue and have stars and birds on them, and there is the darlingest magickest little verandah at the back that i am in love with, bird wali bench and dreaming green canopy of leaves and all :D time to work now. hee hee hee.

Mina at 9:56 AM