Saturday, July 01, 2006

every time i see 'cretan' i think of 'cretin'. this also amuses me in a singular manner. kal i almost burst out laughing because someone had written 'aaaaaaAAAAAAA' in an arc across one of the three greenboards in A-2, and added "(the horror)" beneath it. this was the day's artwork for BAM's class (that, to his credit, he puts up with good humor), and was quite the funny, particularly when i got to thinking of who could have written it, Bilal's expression when he found the first anonymous inscription (last se last class someone'd written, in lovely yellow chalked cursive, "i hate coming to class") and how funny the letters themselves looked, arcing in kitschy cartoon anguish...khekhe...bauhat hansi aarahi thi, luckily hira started a red-eared paroxysm of her own that put the entire class in fits. sometimes i think i belong in a black and white mickey mouse cartoon- the rawer ones where mickey is not a benign smiley little chooha but a horny rapist trying to force an indignant minnie to kiss him, and she beats him up and jumps off a plane using her bloomers as a parachute jo most realistically stretch hojatey hain- just so i can have a little thought bubble emerging from my head that has a little screw and a ball like the dogs do in archie comics. and the fruit-roll ups are scooby doo ones, and say 'fruit roll-rups' thusly, which i think is the best detail i've noticed in a long time :D

Mina at 5:51 PM