Tuesday, July 11, 2006

it is offically so humid in lahore that my glasses fog up whenever i leave an air-conditioned room. the last time they did that was when we were in dubai and leaping from air-conditioned hotel to air-conditioned taxi. really. 'tis quite enough of summer i think, run along now, chop chop *claps her hands like prissy butler*

zidane had a damn good reason to head-butt the italian dimwit who insists he "doesn't even know what a terrorist is". yeah. uh huh. you may be a jock but everyone knows what a terrorist is, particularly- as amma astutely pointed out- when you come from the country that gave us the Mafia. someone needs to pity that fool.

the nation switched the numbers on the age of the italian coach. now he's 85.

dammit!!! stupid pdf files are CORRUPTED?!?! but WHY?! aaaaaaaaargghh! i hate being thwarted!

and the best thing to come out of today (other than learning how to logickfy): "luke....i am your accountant...." hahahaha the Mean Girls are truly supremo.

Mina at 10:04 PM