Friday, July 28, 2006

enough of desifying theatre! time to produce authentic desi theatre! buss! gorpy hath spoken.

i think i'll go study comparative literature in venezuela. buss. yeh acha plan hai, will get to learn spanish and watch alo, presidente! for nashta...khekhe what a funly. and go dancing every second night in a swishy red skirt. everything boils down to books and dancing. and food.

dua karo that moweeza and my Stupendous Book Plan works out. t'will be fantastic, inshallah.

am burning a CD for missis shah with an atom's worth of data; the glaring "bajillion MB free" on nero is making me feel like degenerate CD-waster. there, i have clicked the button, bruuhuahuahahahaaaaaa time to flood the world with anonymous CDs of django reinhardt's twingly twangly music to Save the Philistines...unleash the drakonssssss, anja!

there're birds everywhere at work! today i found a teeny weeny little one engraved on the sink, behind the faucet!! in retrospect maybe i should have tried to say something to it in Bird, shayad secret tunnel khul jaata that led to the subway bathroom, and i could have eaten a veggie delite without violating the Lunch Ittehad.

"scribbles on a perfume note"

Mina at 12:57 AM