Saturday, September 30, 2006

BlogThought of the Week: If I Could, I Would

...but the thing is, there's nothing i couldn't do if i put my mind to it, if i truly stepped outside the things that fetter me, if i really honestly stopped being wary of wearing my heart on my sleeve, my reactions on my face and my loves like a mantle of joy...i could do anything. i know it.


if i could, i would jump off the cliffs of indecision and doubt and anger and teach myself how to soar instead of hopping along in short bursts of flight. i can do it. i will. i must.


Mina at 5:41 PM


Monday, September 25, 2006

nothing like book therapy to make the blues better. amenbob has been religiously raiding the damn dukaan whilst i've only made one strike- eight books in 0.5 seconds- but sooon. soooooon. will not tell amma and just come back bearing enormous thaila and the special grin o' acquisitive treasure hunter rescuer of beautiful books from people's bathrooms, condesationfying glasses, dog-earigng and destructive infants that only fellow bookphiles know. amma says stop buying books because there is NO SPACE for them, but it's like saying samundar aap please peechay books were all packed away and there are quite a lot more in their empty shelf space hehehehe methinks i'll have to either get more shelves (maybe move my bed out...hmm..) or put some in abbu's study

methinks i've caught taymuri's cold...i knew i would but i cannot resist lavishing him with hugs and kisses and squishes and carrying him around when i get the opportunity to. to balance the damange of mo and the flick i taught him how to do 'talk to the hand'. hee hee. then he said floot loll-ups like a little cheeni baba and it was all most endearing :) i also tried to get him to do the fantastic dance that the actor does in the song chinmayee sent me- tiktiktiktiktik, it was a little twist with the tiktik...T wanted to know why the actor sings tiktiktik and i told him it was because he'd swallowed a clock (all the while thinking of the peter pan alligator). i love how you can tell kids anything you want and they'll believe you, it's like magic being true again :)

terrible fires in new south wales, australia...maybe the only time the weatherperson gets any importance is when natural disasters happen, and then everyone's glued to the weather show.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

i wish to announce that the novella is done. four months, ninety-six pages. complete change of plot and perspective halfway through the first version, anxiety attacks, love, complete writer's block for weeks, insomnia, revelations always always in the shower, slightly sore wrists and battered fingertips. i feel light-headed :)

Mina at 3:07 PM


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

gorpy is grumpy today.

what a shitty beginning to the day. B is sitting on a plane to go become a barrister. stalwart childhood companion is leaving tomorrow- who will make ninja cow jokes now? the novella is ending. too damn many endings. amanat gave out ALL the copies of 'loadshedding' including my original, so now i haven't anything to prep with. i forgot the folder o' reports at home so now i haven't much to do at work. what if someone needs the folder? Allah Miyaan please let nobody want the folder. i don't want to be grumpy hippie imbecile at work (N just said i look like yoko ono today). i'm going to go look at blue's beautiful photoblog and crave the baubles and laal mirchies and wish i could jump into that jeweled world. la.

Mina at 9:40 AM


Friday, September 15, 2006

Wandering Word of the Week: Right

wouldn't it all be easier if we were supposed to choose the WRONG everything? then i would be a some kind of mathematician that always wore brown and i don't know, work for citibank and think clonky gold dubai-style jewelry was lovely and wear high heels with plastic soles with little colourful beads and floaty things in them and have golden streaks and only read the back of the cereal box and drive in the middle of the road....hahah what a carefree kind of barbarian life it would be

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

nothing like a good uni-lateral tag to make you feel happy about still having friends (lol what a silly little prat i am). i tag bagheera, cheesoo, azka, reenie and moonie :)

I am thinking about
poems and books, and what i'm writing today

I said

I want to
be reasonlessly, khoton ki tarah happy again

I wish
for a really hugely wonderful surprise

I miss
my nana

I hear
the mermaids singing, each to each :)

I wonder
how exactly chickens lay eggs

I regret
two things

I am
worth it!

I dance
all the time

I sing
when I'm cooking

I cry
like a little kid

I am not always

I write
and am alive.

I confuse
labels with success, sometimes

I need
to have an adventure, soon

I should try
to be less belligerent and broody

I finish
all my food :)

Mina at 2:44 PM


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wandering Word o' the Week: Decisions

remember trainspotting, 'choose life'?

choose lust over doing the right thing.
choose cynicism because faith isn't enough.
choose safety over pain, because pain will make you ugly.
choose chocolate, because that's just gooood.
choose to leave because nobody stopped you.
choose silence because words don't mean anything any more.
choose to blame someone else because you can't look yourself in the eye.

choose life. whee.

Mina at 11:13 AM