Tuesday, September 19, 2006

gorpy is grumpy today.

what a shitty beginning to the day. B is sitting on a plane to go become a barrister. stalwart childhood companion is leaving tomorrow- who will make ninja cow jokes now? the novella is ending. too damn many endings. amanat gave out ALL the copies of 'loadshedding' including my original, so now i haven't anything to prep with. i forgot the folder o' reports at home so now i haven't much to do at work. what if someone needs the folder? Allah Miyaan please let nobody want the folder. i don't want to be grumpy hippie imbecile at work (N just said i look like yoko ono today). i'm going to go look at blue's beautiful photoblog and crave the baubles and laal mirchies and wish i could jump into that jeweled world. la.

Mina at 9:40 AM