Sunday, September 10, 2006

nothing like a good uni-lateral tag to make you feel happy about still having friends (lol what a silly little prat i am). i tag bagheera, cheesoo, azka, reenie and moonie :)

I am thinking about
poems and books, and what i'm writing today

I said

I want to
be reasonlessly, khoton ki tarah happy again

I wish
for a really hugely wonderful surprise

I miss
my nana

I hear
the mermaids singing, each to each :)

I wonder
how exactly chickens lay eggs

I regret
two things

I am
worth it!

I dance
all the time

I sing
when I'm cooking

I cry
like a little kid

I am not always

I write
and am alive.

I confuse
labels with success, sometimes

I need
to have an adventure, soon

I should try
to be less belligerent and broody

I finish
all my food :)

Mina at 2:44 PM