Saturday, April 29, 2006

"she kissed me, and i was kissed"

yaar, ulysses parhni hai.

Mina at 1:43 PM


Thursday, April 20, 2006

i want to strip you
of everything else but you
to see if i still love you
i want to peel and scratch and scrape
till nothing is left to see if it's still love you
and then i want to love you
just as you are, layers and all
knowing i've seen you without
and loved you

wond'rous pome by bluecheese

Mina at 1:07 PM


m: lovers in the rain do exist
me: i wish they did, but that's not real

goddamn sad moment. hole in soul moment.

Mina at 12:50 PM


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i grumble to a humming fan

i coax you kicking from the clamped
grumpitude of your stubborness-

i try, at least, kicking petulantly
at your maddening concrete

sullen, sullen art! pouting and
sulking and hungry,
leanly loping through the jungles of
word and image

i stalk you, precious prey,
dreaming of your jewel-glitter,

cool waters of respite

'in my craft or sullen art'

Mina at 12:18 AM


Monday, April 17, 2006

so the syrians were singing, and the turks unfolded their arms and poom! they were surrounded in white, floating to the arabic, floating in the maddham shaam ki hawa, floating with the white canopy. i didn't want to ever leave.

Mina at 1:00 AM


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i always thought i knew the answer to 'what are your plans now?' because after all, i am the ultimate Mistress of Making Plans, Grand Or Otherwise. it turns out Plan A didn't roll out nice and smooth like the carpets of the other ones, but the funny thing is that i am beginning to enjoy saying 'well, i don't know right now'. it's liberating to contemplate all the things i can do at this point in life. the sense of Adventure is coming back, and it's surprising but i didn't know how much i missed it until now :) and i love how cool amma and abbu are being with all the Plans B, C, D and onwards...hwa! bring it on, world! chillun, i am happy beneath the persistent yucks!

(and on a completely random aside, may i say how thrilled i am with how long my hair has grown, YEEAYY)

Mina at 10:02 AM


Saturday, April 08, 2006

hehehe who'da thunk that the one thing to alleviate the extreme grumpiness of today (and i mean three-horned troll grumpy, not your ordinary garden variety grump) would be mush's website? hahahaha it's just classic dictator: firm but benevolent (khekhe i have a vision of ayesha's shaadi photographer sunny: head tilt, thora aur..thora left..chin down..thora au-BUSS! thankyou, thankyou) Uncle Of Nation. i've been trawling the education etc bit, it features a beaming mush a la council picture on the green header, and quaid-e-azam style quotes in the sidebar and in between the requisite bunch of hooey about how high the budget allocation for education and health is growing.

i leave you with the question: Do you want an Islamic welfare state? If you are a True Muslim and believe that a piece of paper will confirm this then TICK YES! You might get a free juice box for your participation, aaaaand this quote! *cue PTV flowers blooming in fast-forward*

"Quotation (begin big green blockquote inverted commas)

The day of reckoning has come. Do we want Pakistan to become a theocratic
state? Or do we want Pakistan to emerge as a dynamic Islamic welfare state?

President Musharraf

Jan 16, 2002" (end big green blockquote inverted commas) "

Mina at 10:35 AM


Friday, April 07, 2006

Mina at 9:40 AM