Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i always thought i knew the answer to 'what are your plans now?' because after all, i am the ultimate Mistress of Making Plans, Grand Or Otherwise. it turns out Plan A didn't roll out nice and smooth like the carpets of the other ones, but the funny thing is that i am beginning to enjoy saying 'well, i don't know right now'. it's liberating to contemplate all the things i can do at this point in life. the sense of Adventure is coming back, and it's surprising but i didn't know how much i missed it until now :) and i love how cool amma and abbu are being with all the Plans B, C, D and onwards...hwa! bring it on, world! chillun, i am happy beneath the persistent yucks!

(and on a completely random aside, may i say how thrilled i am with how long my hair has grown, YEEAYY)

Mina at 10:02 AM