Saturday, April 08, 2006

hehehe who'da thunk that the one thing to alleviate the extreme grumpiness of today (and i mean three-horned troll grumpy, not your ordinary garden variety grump) would be mush's website? hahahaha it's just classic dictator: firm but benevolent (khekhe i have a vision of ayesha's shaadi photographer sunny: head tilt, thora aur..thora left..chin down..thora au-BUSS! thankyou, thankyou) Uncle Of Nation. i've been trawling the education etc bit, it features a beaming mush a la council picture on the green header, and quaid-e-azam style quotes in the sidebar and in between the requisite bunch of hooey about how high the budget allocation for education and health is growing.

i leave you with the question: Do you want an Islamic welfare state? If you are a True Muslim and believe that a piece of paper will confirm this then TICK YES! You might get a free juice box for your participation, aaaaand this quote! *cue PTV flowers blooming in fast-forward*

"Quotation (begin big green blockquote inverted commas)

The day of reckoning has come. Do we want Pakistan to become a theocratic
state? Or do we want Pakistan to emerge as a dynamic Islamic welfare state?

President Musharraf

Jan 16, 2002" (end big green blockquote inverted commas) "

Mina at 10:35 AM