Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'm so tired. i'm so tired i'm not tired any more, it's what i call auto-pilot. i used to be on it a lot in my senior year at college ;) N doesn't sleep much in the daytime so on bad days- like today- i'm still in my nightsuit at lunchtime and eating it standing up with one hand becase i'm holding N in the other and K is wrapped around my leg saying 'amma godi do'. and wanting to murder S because he's at the office doing stuff and having lunch meetings at cosa (cosa! for cryin' out loud! what happened to having meetings in stuffy board rooms?!) and i'm a grubby wreck with one sentence lodged in my head for a story i haven't written yet because someone's bum needs a wash or the lunch has to be ordered or someone is sleepy and no, i won't stay up after the four a.m feed to write because at that time i've discovered the carpet is wet in the dining room since the toofan blew in through the one open window and soaked it, my indonesian carved settee ka gadda and the books on my trolley including two signed ones and a brand new shantaram intended for a pressie so i'm drying everything with a towel and hairdryer.

Mina at 7:03 PM