Friday, May 06, 2011

N tells me that a prediliction for chomping ice indicates an iron deficiency. my haemoglobin IS a bit low, so perhaps she's right....but i've been chomping ice for months blithely thinking it was just a silly preggy thing and feeling indulgently amused at my eccentric self (i never get cravings for anything when i'm preggers so it was kind of exciting in a really boring way). chomping ice is a vile habit though, i never understood why my cousin would go into raptures over our ice dispenser in the fridge and then sit in a corner making awful khruunchh-khraaak slurping sounds chewing the ice up. NOW I KNOW. it is glorious. there is something visceral and a little violent and something thoroughly satisfying about chewing ice. not to mention thanda. aaahh. it's ridiculous. i'm an addict. even on iron twice a day, every day. even with a gala kharab and imminent zukaam lurking. the other day we made non-alcy frozen margaritas and it was an ice-chomping-khatti-drink-lover's dream come true. i want to make giant jugs of it with a giant pipe jaisa straw and live on them until winter comes. HAII :D

Mina at 11:02 AM