Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i watch K snooter around purposefully singing songs and just doing stuff and it amazes me every time how it is possible- and natural, and obvious- that she be growing up and already know things like there is a sky and the ceiling is not the sky but the outside-the-window-blueness is the sky, and there is a moon that is also chanda mama and a sun and stars. and that she wants to go to 'cool' and wants an apple lolly not an orange lolly. that she sings baa baa black sheep and lakri ki kaathi and is right now saying 'come amma come amma utho utho upar jaana hai' and when i ask her to do what she says 'cycle lainay' and i just told shamshad to wash her face while they were at it and K says 'no only amma dooit' and puts her small hand on my arm and looks up at me with her big brown eyes and it's all just too amazing, in the proper sense of the word. i am mazy and enchanted that she was in my belly kicking and sucking her thumb on the ultrasound and here she is, in her shorts and t-shirt and muggermuch faux-crocs, hanging out with me. and i can't wait for number two, who is right now identically the same loved-but-unknown little baby pushing muscularly against my skin and sinews, biding her time for just a while longer. and in a while i'll be looking at her and marveling at all the same things, again. how fantastic :)

Mina at 4:41 PM