Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i've been pruning my sidebar. am tempted to whisk everything away since i no longer swim the oceans of the internet every day. in retrospect, i think that a) i had a lot of time (somehow), b) i lived a LOT in my head and c) there is something surreal about living in a world of words, but being so thoroughly immersed in it is also an excellent place to be, as a writer. my life these days is so external, so external that i sometimes think i've forgotten that kind of total introspective focus; to be able to sit with thoughts, phrases, textures, light surrounding me like eliot's yellow fog. as enveloping, but nicer and less dank. but also lonesome, men in shirt-sleeves, browning's man on the street leaving the city and the bell going dhung-dhung-dhung in the rain. it is nice to have toothy urchin baby-grins and "pleeeaaseee can i have a sandwich" to temper it.

Mina at 10:13 PM