Thursday, October 16, 2008

i was looking at some back 'issues' of kAy's blog when i came across this post, and was reading the associated comments....i started typing in what i wanted to add-which was a lot- and realized it was enough to deserve a post of its own! hehe..the point was how everyone makes it their business to know your business- and not because they care about you or your life, they just want to know. as my wise brother put it, it's just information they will squirrel away to bring out at some later date when you- or your parent/sibling/cousin/co-worker/spouse/in-law comes up in the conversation. and because this is lahore, this WILL happen sooner than you imagine.

if the 'when are you getting married' question is annoying, wait 'til you GET married, girls and boys! then the REAL fiesta begins! that is why people want you to get married, so they can bombard you with more and more questions! it's like a dr. seuss book gone terribly wrong! here is

gorpy's list of Frequently Asked Questions, to prepare the December Lot O' Brides, Hopefuls and Single and Fabulouses.

1. are you married?

2. you don't look married! (can be question. is also either compliment or snootering of your lack of gold joowuls/diamonds/mr. T type sonay ka karra. i always take it as the former- woo hoo for meee)

3. kab hui shaadi?

4. kahan ki hai shaadi? (err, within the human specie? in cantt? PC? i have NO idea what people want to be told in response. badshahon main?)

5. what does your husband do? (i'm sure this is a gender specific question and no men get asked this EVER. S corroborates this observation. nobody cares what i do. hmpf. you also have to include a specific company- saying 'he's an engineer' is not enough. that also includes 'does he own the business' and 'are you rich')
(this question can also mean 'where did he go to school and college')

5. a) where do you live? b) where do your parents live? (for the very thorough)

6. do you have children? (if yes, go to #7. if no, 7.a)

7. boy/girl? how many? how old? (this will lead to infinite number of questions that can range from the birth experience to whom you've bachpan-ki-shaadied it to)
7.a) why?
7. b) when do you plan to? (this is usually a distant relative or REALLY nosy auntie)

the short version is usually 1, 2 and 6, but there is never just the one question, and you can't faff them because if you told someone 'my husband is a professional clown' and they believed you, they'd judge him, poor sod.

i suppose the Part Two to this saga is the Baby Inquisition. maybe cheesoo and jammie should do a post on that ;)

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