Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today Mina reads the News Online because S has put it on auto-load, so she reads it 'cause it's there, but what does it say jee? Read it and get really, really pissed off.

" Bush allows raids into Pakistan: US official

Updated at: 1105 PST, Thursday, September 11, 2008

WASHINGTON: US President George W. Bush has secretly approved orders allowing US forces to conduct ground operations in Pakistan without that government's prior approval, a report said Wednesday citing senior US officials.

A US daily reported that the July move allowing Special Operations forces to carry out assaults within the borders of a key "war on terror" ally marked a turn for the Bush administration, which has struggled with Islamabad over how to combat Al-Qaeda and a resurgent Taliban.

"The situation in the tribal areas is not tolerable," a senior American official told the paper on condition of anonymity. "We have to be more assertive. Orders have been issued."

According to the newspaper, US officials say they will notify Pakistan when the United States conducts operations on the country's territory, but that they will not ask for permission.

The newspaper reported that US officials have been debating for months whether to authorize such forays against Islamic militants in Pakistan, following US intelligence warnings that Al-Qaeda and other militant groups were consolidating their hold on northwestern Pakistan."

"Orders have been issued"?! Where exactly do you get off being 'more assertive' on the sovereign territory of someone else's country? Granted it's a particularly pernicious habit of US foreign policy, but let me say it quite slowly so you understand:

Got it? Not rocket science, is it? When O When are we going to tell these bastards to get the hell out of our butts and go hunt the Yeti/Bigfoot/Loch Ness legend that Osama's become somewhere else? How LONG will we have to put up with such indignities and colossal tragedy of innocent Pakistanis being killed for someone else's obsession with revenge?

Did a generation of people give up so much for Pakistan, only to have us move from under the British thumb to the American one? First we were a British protectorate and now we're an American one. What a miserable excuse of an Independent Republic of The People. I'm so angry.
I'm sick of being pushed around like this. I'm going to go march around with a big placard saying "Hands Off My Country!" or "Piss Off America". Depends on size of placard. Buss. Sub aajaein.

Mina at 11:56 AM