Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i'm thinking about zardari. i know he's corrupt and a daghabaaz and excessively chikna-gharra clever-pants. but maybe it'd be good for a change to have a chalaak person at our helm who, if used properly, could use that machiavellanness to get something good for pakistan? of course, the premise is precisely that the chalaak man wants something good for the country. i think i'm willing to give mister ten percent a chance to see what he can do. okay, you want your ten percent, but if you leave behind something solid and long-lasting and genuinely provide help and support where it is desperately needed, i might not even mind the ten percent too much. as long as people can have access to hospitals, clean drinking water, garbage-free roads, schools. maybe a smooth-talking, well spoken, unflappably clever person can do a better job than a bumbling blustering idiot. i'm going to wait this one out.

Mina at 2:35 PM