Monday, March 10, 2008

chins has made my week by showing me this : pablo bartholomew's recentest exhibition, in delhi. he's's a series of a life in the seventies, something that feels truly bohemian in the reallest sense- the rooms have smudgy, dirty walls, women have huge eyes with dark circles, most people look pretty stoned...nobody's wearing awesome clothes. there are rickety wood benches at night with only one person to watch the light glow above them, ganda manda cracked commodes, a baby looking quite puzzled...limp wristed young men and women lolling about with the leonine, effortless grace people's limbs seem to have when they live the way they want to and don't give a hoot about what someone else is thinking of them. it's like what chins and i were talking about- you have your art, your girlfriend and a joint. what else matters?

Mina at 5:27 PM