Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ladiss and gentilmain, for your reading pleasure gorpy proudly presents its first guest post:

The Case For Pot, by A.Nonymous
(bharpoor taaliyan)

So we've all heard it haven't we? Don't smoke up it'll kill your brain cells. Say no to drugs blah blah. As a (occasional)smoker, I could not disagree more. Marijuana is probably the best intoxicant out there. It's drinkers we should all stay away from. Remember the last time you were surrounded by a couple of pot heads? You probably just saw them laugh uncontrollably for a long time, then had someone order pizza or raid the fridge, after which everyone went home and slept. When was the last time you heard that a man got stoned and raped someone or that a man got stoned and ran someone over or that a man(or woman) got stoned and had sex with someone really ugly without even remembering it the next day. We've heard of beer goggles but have we ever heard of weed goggles? Stoned people can still spot a fat chick when they see one(and no, big is not beautiful for all you 'overweight' queen latifah wannabe chicks out there so stop thinking you're hot). Marijuana loosens you up, it does not make you lose control. Marijuana has also proven to have many medical benefits such as helping people going through chemotherapy. They can just smoke a joint and chill and forget about the pain. Marijuana also has great historical significance. I personally don't believe that the Vietnam war could've ended without the presence of marijuana. Rock n Roll wouldn't have existed. Great acts like Bob Marley and Hendrix would not be able to function without a proper dosage of weed and we would still be listening to shitty music as the people in the 30's did. Weed has contributed to our past much more than we would like to believe.

I personally think keeping marijuana illegal is a conspiracy hatched by the evil capitalists, and this is to appeal to the leftist monkeys who read mina's blog. Think about it though. Most marijuana and hash is grown in third world places like South America and Afghanistan . Even if it was legal, cheap production and labor costs would not allow the US to compete with these countries. Marijuana would be then be imported, which would not help the trade balance either. It would also harm the local alcohol industry as legalized marijuana would compete with stuff like Budweiser, Miller etc etc. Therefore, big business in the US would clearly suffer. Businesses related to alcohol, such as casinos, bars, strip clubs etc would also suffer greatly as people would just want to smoke up, stay home and order a pizza. Weed certainly could not be marketed in the same way either. I mean you can't really have 'weed light' or 'weed select' can you. The tobacco industry would also suffer as smoking a joint would more often than not replace smoking a cigarette, if a joint could cost as much as a cigarette i.e. If such a policy was ever implemented, it would prove disastrous for the developed world and their evil MNC's, and would be great news for impoverished countries like Afghanistan etc.

Lastly, I don't know if it's the same with you but drunken people just annoy the shit out of me(unless they are pleasant drunks, and yes there's some out there). They slur, they smell and they rarely have the capacity to carry out an intelligent conversation while under the influence. I have had the most philosophical conversations about life, love and money among other things while I have been blazed out of my skull. I still do remember what I talked about the night before. While I'm high, I'm very clear about who I'm trying to offend and who I'm not. Also, the smartest people I have ever encountered have been people who smoke ridiculous amounts of pot while I've never personally come across a smart alcoholic. Moreover, the hypocrisy of people who just drink and don't smoke also annoys me. I believe its equally immoral, and though I do not drink but I would not judge people who do. However, regular drinkers who don't smoke up somehow feel they hold the moral high ground. You just have to remind such folks that just because what they're doing is legal, that does not make it right. So folks, go light up a joint, put on some Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and think about what I've just said. I'm sure it will make more sense to you then.

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