Thursday, March 29, 2007

excuse my french, but wtf?

i'm so angry. i'm getting really sick of how dangerous it is to just EXIST in this country, being a woman. today's DT had this on the front page. read it and shake a fist. i'm religious enough to know what Islam is about and THIS is NOT it. i'm sick to death of mullahs and mullahnis with their incessant crap about morality and ethics. is it decent to attack a policeman with sticks? one against a mob? is it moral to attack someone in their house? the prophet said you should knock thrice before even thinking of going into someone's house, let alone breaking into it and dragging the women and babies out!! how dare these ignorant bastards use Allah and Islam as justification for their behaviour! how dare kidnappers and vandals and trespassers have the cheek to take such a decent, open-minded deen and turn it into something so ugly and closed and disgusting? jamia fareedia's maulana abdul rashid ghazi says his squad will jihad (jihad! JIHAD!?! jihad against corruption and greed and dictatorships! not FORNICATORS for the love of all things sane!) against twenty-two other brothels in the city. wah bhai wah. human rights atrocities are fine, honour killings are fine, stove-burnings and chief justice manhandling is all a whizz in the wind compared to gasp! people having sex! haan granted it isn't fair for the ISI to hold people either, but this is just too much. i want to break out into a string of punjabi epithets, but i don't know enough :P so now if i'm at work someone can break in and drag us all away to some basement because my dupatta is sitting on the back of my chair, my bosses are divorced, my colleagues smoke and we all drive ourselves to work so we MUST be prostitutes running a brothel. it makes perfect sense! or even better, my guy friends come over to have a cup of tea on the terrace (and in the process chat with my head-covering amma and read my tahajjud-praying abbu's latest article) so THERE YOU GO, HO-HOUSE IN ACTION!!! AARGHHH!! what is wrong with peopleeee WHAT WHAT WHATTTTTTT!!! this is the bleakest time to be a woman, a citizen of this state, religious in the sanest way and a person with a brain.

Mina at 11:12 AM