Thursday, March 15, 2007

am writing a delicious sort of pome in the small windows of time between the various kaam and wedding things (as we speak i am due for a fitting and wondering when the hell i'm going to actually GO between bayan's last minute wrap-ups and rehearsal- i utterly refuse to ditch poor sinused O again) also germinating a little story. i have a beginning: a kitchen, a hot water bottle and a bemused inner monologue. this is mostly for my cerebral benefit, putting it down here.

gallivanting is such fun. i love it. of course, it always happens the night i don't keep my keys or take a shawl along, but what of it? H is fun- i finally got someone to do the pinocchio line :D


the good news i keep forgetting: calculus is OVER (lums eat my shorts, kiss my chuddies, etc)! WHEEOOO! the sproj has done pretty well for itself and the alhamra literary review is finally out and i'm in it [amongst other very talented writers who float about gorpy occasionally:) ] so yaayy! get a copy. i'm still hunting for some here *does little jig o' glee*

Mina at 11:47 AM