Tuesday, February 06, 2007

production-line love

i must say this before i pop! i was in the card company the other day looking for a card for tanya and obviously was surrounded by valentine's junk which i knocked my head against (some kind of khatarnaak looking japanese doorbell gong). i was at the cash register paying for the one card that didn't have a butt joke ("happy butt-day", "the weirdest thing i've ever seen...is your butt") or a fart joke (red faces and explosions. i kid you not.) when i spied....PRE-FAB LOVE LETTERS. JEE. printed sheeets of paper with an ugly envelope included; a love letter!! in printed stimulated handwriting!! the usual unoriginal goop ("you are my sunshine my heart's flower without you the world is as a day-old helium balloon, wrinkled as an old person's bottom"), with hearts and little artistic squiggles. i continue to be boggled. A PRE-FAB LOVE LETTER?!?! and i KNOW some moron will buy one, probably to chuck into a stalkee's house over the gate, but still! it's a truly terrible, tragic state of affairs when you can go to a store to BUY a love letter instead of sitting down with a pretty piece of paper and a pen....yuck, yuck, YUCK!! capitalism is so tacky and upstarty; dis-gus-ting. sure, go wild with your manufactured holiday, but at least try to infuse it with something original instead of letting your love be just like everyone else's- contrived, misspelt and common. yiii its like stepping in something icky, sick ugly mass-manufactured love letters, my sensibilities are so unbelievably offended :P

Mina at 2:49 PM