Friday, January 26, 2007

wandering word of the week: imagine

i was tiredly driving home one night, dreaming of a long hot bath and pyjamas when out of the blue a huge white dog with pointy pitbull ears leaped out of the shadowy jhaaries, barking its head off like a baskerville hound, and started chasing my car!! startled, i fell out of my reverie with a bang and gasped like sana, my heart racing with fright (as if i wasn't safely ensconced in a sturdy glass and metal vehicle that would protect me from the stupid dog). then the hound vanished. it disappeared! i stuck my head out of the window and looked around for it but it was gone as suddenly as it had come. it's never come back either. maybe it was an imaginary car-chasing psycho dog. stooooopid.

Mina at 2:33 PM