Saturday, January 13, 2007

i poke cautiously in the forlorn, assaulted trifle with a tired spoon, looking for cake and missing my mother, who makes the most generous trifle in the world. i always end up eating much too much trifle when i encounter it. it's good, my tastebuds nod approvingly at the custard.

the lights look like ornate, inverted toadstools, lit up with a dreamy gold bulb, dropping down from an upside down, shallow jeweled bowl.

justice S has shambled out to sneak a smoke. s and i eye him and i secretly am willing him to break out into a rendition of 'the walrus and the carpenter' and mime the crying oysters :D

on nepali accents:
"no current judge should ask for funding from an organization."
"yesh! no shitting judges!"

s.s smells vaguely of pee sometimes. i rescued a first edition toni morrison from liberty books, whoopeeeee! nothing as delicious as reading a hardback; deliciouser is a first edition hardback :) i adore the fact that i have contemporary writers on the f.e shelf...someday they'll be like having a virginia woolf or an eliot. jeanette winterson has those. ugh, imagine a f.e of 'the waves', or the prufrock poems. i burne moste brightly.

"i keep a seashell from each
shore we never walked"

on stereotypes:
"men are wise. women are?"

Mina at 2:28 PM