Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year and Eid Mubarik to y'all!! Was a strange one for me; lots of family and babies and dikhaoowas- yes, the Great Grandbaby Gatsby is running along- and an unexpected death, surprise parties and surprise encounters. I haven't time to mull any of this over and yet I'm writing a story again...which of course will run its course when it does, but beautiful just to write, really.

I am the Pancake Queen, I mix 'em up and flip 'em off the griddle with speed and skill in my own kitchen. The bliss of a hob I chose and utensils nobody molests to fry kababs with is a special joy I tells you! Now to pinch all of Amma's yummy things and squirrel them away in my cabinets away from the molesty hands of K and R and their overzealous tendency to scrub away nonstick coatings with steel wool.

I did me reports today in a freeeezinggg room hunched over Miss Fouzia's visor ki kammi thi I swear; took me ten minutes to defrost nearly sitting on the heater back at to kick Excel into doing the math for me.

I take huge offense to the way everyone's showing Saddam Hussain's hanging on television. It's disgusting and crass to denigrate someone's passing like that. Haan maana he wasn't exactly the best man to walk the earth but nobody deserves such a mockery to be made of something as solemn as a death. Am suddenly very anti-capital punishment now...maybe seeing it actually happen [by a remote control ki randomness I wish hadn't ocurred] made me realize how serious a death like this is. Bad. And what if a kid saw it, then what? What if you're six years old and happen to see it while getting to Cartoon Network? What would you think [and NO, playing Tekken has nothing to do with immunizing you to real violence]? Good god, I'm never buying a television.

There was something else I was pretty annoyed about turn of this year but I've forgotten it. I'm still cold; time to turn chair around and put the stream back into the blood. Call-backs for the play tomorrow, whee! I love theatre as much as I love books. Yeh bauhat barri baat keh di hai :)

Mina at 2:14 PM