Thursday, January 25, 2007

the constitution of venezuela calls simon bolivar 'the liberator'. i of course promptly transform a sweat-stained cowboy hero into a spandex and cape confection in my head and giggle. i'm such a jaahil sometimes :D

el syd works with me! yayy! this means i now have company car-dancing when we go to lunch en masse- dekha to tuhjey yaar dil main baji gitaaar! dhan dhana dhan dhanna dhishkaaaooonn

yesterday i got such an awesome compliment from one of my kids. they demanded to know why i hadn't been coming in for two weeks in a row, so i told them about the asia pacific forum and why judicial education on gender awareness is important, and then about the minor form of plague i came down with. one of them pipes up,
"miss, you're the coolest person i've ever met!"
hugely flattered i was.
"thank you! what makes you say that?"
"because you know about everything!"
i grinned.
"that's only an illusion of age, but thank you all the same."
i love me kids :)

the play is fun. i love theatre. i lovelovelovelove it. i will direct all your plays for piffling peanuts, just let me have a script and a cast (and a set, a hall, sponsors, costumes and food)!

B sends me pomes. this one is by the remarkable harris khalique. i must stop by SPO with a copy of his little yellow book and beg for a signaychurrr.

An old tale told afresh

Hogging desire
Goes gallop after prey,
Tramples it.

Love, sure-footed,
Walks across the soul,
Comes back, stays.

Seldom understood without each other.

WAH! i tip my invisible hat to you. i also tip it to the newest photographer of my acquaintance, who 'gave' me a photograph that involved a cycle. those of you on my msn will appreciate the on-spot coolness of this :)

yay i can access my comments, finally- and discover a motherlode of horrid pornographic spam!! yuuucckkk.

am writing pomes. am a happy ole bunny, i feel pretty i am creating loveliment i am magic

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