Tuesday, December 05, 2006

so today i went to cal class. calculus. me. okay. first i had an argument with the guard over parking angelita- i wanted to park it on the pakka but he insisted i was blocking the rasta which was eminently not true (i am not obnoxious enough to do driving bastardies like that) so end main i had to park in the kaccha, muttering ominous repercussions if angelita busted a tyre. choti malik siding with the guard did not make the sit. easier (am reading lots of wooster, forgive me). so i grumped off to class where there were freshies. who stare. people don't stare at you at lums- okay mbas do but they're just sad anyway- unless you look super hot or something, and superhot i was not. disbelieving and miserable yes, but not superhot at that mo. so the ugly beanie-wearing (the kind that poofs up at the top as if it housed a gerbil beneath) freshie boys stared and a little friend of mine introduced me to her freshie friend thus: "this is mina. she's a super-senior." which naturally caused visions of a jaahil wanton flunker methusaleh to dance about in my head with sarhey huey sugarplums and TI calculators and the suchlike. so i sat in class with a teacher that has a cowboy accent and conjured up images of him wearing a soft-brimmed stetson and those leather thingums and riding around a ranch to the soundtrack of 'home on the range' while scribbling things like "the product of the limits is also the limit of the product" down in important bullet points. but i did understand why if limit coming from the left doesn't equal limit from the right then "the equation blows up". touch wood.

Mina at 12:41 PM