Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i was in shezan the other day buying samosay and sandwich bread for amma's Fammilie Tea [and how angry i am at shezan going all revamped and doing away with the bumpy brown exterior and triangular foyer from my bachpan is another story] when i found myself next to a father buying his son ten rupees' worth of sticky sugar-rolled jelly cubes, and a sandwich for himself. he had an anxious energy about him, pointing out to his little boy what he could have if he liked, unwrapping his sandwich, sniffing it before taking a bite, counting out ten rupee notes with one hand. on my right there were three little girls wearing jeans and barbie sweatshirts, piling the counter with packets of chips and candy whilst their tweed-coated father smiled benignly at them. "i don't want any chocolate," one piped decisively. once their pile was a small pyramid, the father pulled out a credit card. i looked left, and looked right, and felt mighty glad that i was only buying samosay and sandwich bread.

on another note, inna lillahe for James Brown, the #1 soul brother.

Mina at 9:46 AM