Monday, November 06, 2006

so many things, so little time.

the International Museum of Women has published Humay and my pieces, yay! will put up a link and a pretty banner for y'all to read and comment on.

we have moved. which means that all our stuff is sitting in 24-H whilst we sit in 39, Saigol Estate, and half of what belongs solely to me is currently packed with great skill in every available space inside my car. my books are in the backseat and insist on slipping and sliding with dangerous sounding but deceptive crunchy sounds whenever i turn or brake, much to my persistent frustration (which only makes me scowl at the moron who made me brake and yell "why are you killing my boooookksss jackaasssssss" impotently through the windscreen). there are copies on the front seat, wind chimes in the dash, posters and WAF stuff somewhere in between and a red lamp on the floor in front of the passenger seat. the boot is full of art, shoes, bags, racquets and a guitar. i should just drive to europe, i got all i need with me- even my toothbrush and contacts :P the last time the house was this emtpy was when we moved in and sana and i would roller-skate (jee that long ago, rollerblades nahien hoti thein) around the drawing and dining room as fast as we could. am trying not to indulge in the sentimental and think about how to unpack angelita as soon as i can, and how i'm going to have to finally zabardasti sort out 4 years worth of LUMS reading packages and notes.

H's baby is an adorable mass of cooing, giggly baby smooth as satin and powder. making sure i was smoke-free, germ-free and moving-mitti-free today i finally cuddled him for a bit in the morning. while i love anything that is a baby (except for gross thingses babies which may or may not include humans), this variety of baby, solid little kashmiri ones, are particularly eatable. s khala's ayeza is in the same mold- solid, cuddly baby that sits contentedly babbling on hip/bouncing in arms and does not flop neck about in limp-fish manner. ugh, bauhat zyada eatable :))

Mina at 10:25 AM