Sunday, October 29, 2006

yesterday i found myself at what was supposed to be a nikah but was actually a dholki post-nikah but was actually a quasi-mehndi with tamboo, shiny yellow nylon chaadars and matching squashy gao takiye and a horrid DJ that eventually warmed up and dances to boot. missed having a handy boy around to borrow shawl off because i wore chiffon (season is going), so i eventually threw ladylike decorum to the nippy wind and tucked my cold feet under my legs. very toasty. anyhow, what happened was that as the DJ started to play all the really good indian shaadi songs it turned into a little friend-folder, which was lovely and nostalgic. m for that punjabi song. mo for another. z for yet another; one boy reminding me of ab, the way he was dancing around; balle balle was a's nikah all over again...i may have been cold (not hungry thanks to my awesome raider phuppo H) but i was nostalgic, and bouncing in my seat to the beat...not an altogether bad situation :)

Mina at 5:32 PM