Wednesday, October 18, 2006

yay i love sammykins :D i tag reenie, bagheera, cheesoo and azka [H and Mo you've already been by sam, don't sulk ;)]


height: 5'6" when i bother to stand up straight :P
color: pale, i suppose- roza hai.
piercing: four...i ponder a nose or a belly off and on but haven't gotten either yet
tattoos: none :(

Right Now

Time: 1:30 in the afternoon
Mood: neutral
taste: none in particular. a little thirsty.
the weather: gorgeous :))
bad habit: interrupting people when they're talking
current crush: none. sniffles.
biggest regret: hhmm i don't think i have one that qualifies as a life's biggest.
Perfume(s): I'm wearing Hugo Woman, which I love :)
Thing I want to do: don't get me


TV show: am watching Desperate Housewives these days.
book: i can't pick favourites...but i love love the Alice books.
non alcoholic drink: apple juice
milk drink: really thanda mango shakes :D
brand: not much of a brand bunny although nine west shoes are yummyyyy and nothing but prestige for cooky stuff :D
color: red!
emblem: can't think of one.
perfume: i wear hugo woman and closer by ralph and romance too.
designer: i really like karma's aesthetic, but i don't wear it *lol*
Chocolate: the day lindt starts making a mint crisp in its 70% dark i will stop eating all other forms of sugar

Have I Ever

broken the law: i'm quite sure i have
misused credit card: nope
skipped school: yesss hehe
fell asleep in the shower/bath: almost
had children: none that i know of
been in love: yes
been hurt: yes


have a job: two, babiss! and the third temp starts soon.
My CD player has what in it right now: weeeelll not my CD player, but am listening to Indian film oldies these days...deewana hua badal la la la
if I were a crayon, the color? wild strawberry :))
what makes me happy? books, good food, good writing, proper friends, surprises and spontaneous displays of affection :)

When/What Was the Last

I got a real letter: some months ago
got an email: fifteen minutes ago
thing I purchased: a lot of books, and a box of lindt extreme orange dark thins.
TV program I watched: i haven't watched telly for two days yay!
movie I saw in the theaters: Pirates of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. much fun.
hugged: how cheap, YESTERDAY!! haw hai
song heard: the dumb afghan rave song hahaha
place I was [besides home]: LGS, in class
phone call: doing jigs and shrieks with BT over his Fulbright yesterday
was depressed: the weekend, methinks, but only a little

What Comes to Mind When I Hear

car: angelita, bellissima!
murder: she wrote, and also that horrible Indian film
cape: the black and white one amma used to wear eik zamaney main....t'was tres chic to nine year old me haha
cell: freecell, the card game.
fun: rocking out in ayesha's car with the gang to tubthumping, on our way to lunch...classic fun moment :))
shoe: i still need really high sexy black heels...
crush: orange juice :S
music: little music notes
love: is a good thing :)
chalk: the strangely unnerving smooth texture of chalk dust on one's fingers

Mina at 1:35 PM