Sunday, October 15, 2006

so guess what i woke up to today: a dull repetitive thud. i presumed it was some random activity going on in the hospital, that mass of clangs and bangs and dieselly rumbles and things flying off its roof and into our lawn when it aandhis ferociously. it went on for a bit and i looked up from my carol shields and asked amma what was going on and her voice sails in from the lounge, cool as you please, saying "darakht kaat rahey hain." obviously i leapt out of bed like one electrified and ran out to the lounge khirkies and saw a MASS OF BRANCHES on the lawn! and ABBU standing there like some kind of seasoned woodcutter, overseeing the tree-killing!! so i took my horrified eyes and open mouth and ran downstairs and out of the door wailing a plaintive "what're you doooiiiiiinnnnnnggg?' at him. he explained that the branches over there- that i had just kal admired from my nose-pressed-to-the-thandi-glass vantage point in my parent's room during the aandhi, loving the way the bougeanvillea had climbed up the eucalyptus and was growing up onto the roof like a green undulant canopy- were breaking tiles off the roof, so had to be cut back. of course that was all martian to me because i've never seen any tile fly off the roof and smash onto the basketball hoop thankyouverymuch, so i made an impassioned statement about how tiles are eminently replaceable and how it takes years for a tree to grow and marched back inside to secretly cry a little for the poor tree and the horrible chopping sound.. what an awful way to start a day :( :P

Mina at 2:19 PM