Saturday, October 07, 2006

on rites of passage
sana is so cute, she pulled her first ever real-and-proper 'nighter at lums!! and she's a SENIOR! she did the whole up-all-night-in-lab-one thang, i feel so proud of my little nerdikins who always paces her work out and thus always gets her 8.56 hours of sleep, but due to other people's work styles she maroed said 'nighter. i gave her tips like "wear jeans and just pack an extra t-shirt" "don't forget your toothbrush" and "eating shawermas from the khoka at 1 a.m on the sidewalk is mystical in the way only 1 a.m on a quiet campus can be" (okay that one i thought in my head, and vaisay bhi baad main khayal aaya when it was morning).

on creative balance
i wrote three poems in rapid succession after sehri parson on the bathroom floor, because i didn't want to put the room light on and wake sana up. when i have my own room and can turn the lights on and off at my will (gasp the hedonism), i will still write sitting on my bathroom floor, methinks. there’s a certain simple clarity in the tiles of a bathroom.

on books, as always
amma says to stop buying so many books, there's no space for them. i insist that books are better than furniture.

on nuptials, fake and otherwise
hahahaha a batchmate just asked if i were engaged! i love rumours sometimes. i wanted to know to whom, but she said she didn't ask whoever told her. darn! maybe some handsome, well-read and slightly psycho stranger is talking about gretna-greening with me. *gorps ponders this for a minute and then laughs* zaroor!! itni gumption kahan? when i propose elopement to my mother (not with her, as a concept) she always shrugs and says 'you wouldn't have to elope, we'd let you marry him.' really takes the fun out of the idea of a forbidden zaalim-samaaj-ke-moo-pe-thappar kind of gloriously complicated egalitarian love, parental consent.
gretna-greening, i wonder what the equivalent would be here....nikahkhwaan ka daftar? best friend's house? islamabad? sheikhupura? it's so easy in islam, *advert voice* na maulvi ka jhanjhatt, na maa baap ka signaychurr! do dost vitness, eik pen (ya availabul angoottha) aur eik aur dost jissko urdu parhni aati ho! aaj hi nikah parhwayen! english papurr also awailabul!
i wonder why flight was so necessary, probably to avoid enraged parents from locking girl away forever and enraged fiances/brothers/other assorted honour killers from turning boy into cold cuts. pun not intended, but wonderfully bad, because i did imagine the killers wielding swords like in some kind of maula jutt movie :D

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