Sunday, October 08, 2006

my last prat, the super-duper pratanista of them all, F, said she wouldn't read the spivak for me. even despite the chocolate bribe i offered, and big puppy eyes. i can of course read it- and i HAVE been- but now it's just a test of how much people don't want to read spivak and also of love *lol* i don't understand why she must work in everything she's ever read and all her life's experiences into one paper, from richard rorty to marx, from meeting a teacher in a boonie of china to the columbia gym ka cuboid women's changing room (jee haan i am not making this up) your eurocentrism and top/below reprogramming of the pedagogical flow and call it a day, woman, instead of creating a sub-clause graveyard and eleventh page peh saying "in this paper i will be discussing..."- hayeen?! to pichley duss pages main exposition khatam nahien hui? am torn between liking what she writes she she isn't digressing and wanting to slap her for her long-winded pedantic blather.

mullick is my superstar. she said she'd read it for me, and while i will finish it on my own, 'tis saying so that counts :))

Mina at 10:46 PM