Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gorpy Has Several Things To Shriek About

1. AAAAH!! the Mean Girls've all landed themselves Fulbrights! as have Xebbie and Bilalty and Sammy and yeaaayy :D [happy shriek]

2. AAAAH!!!!I HAVE A SIGNED ISABEL ALLENDE BOOOOOOOK *rushes hither and tither madly waving her arms around* and it was such a random chance, i'm amazed, and aaaaahh [more on this later] [incredulous, avaricious shriek]

3. we're moving soon!! aaaa [sad-ish shriek].

4. someone stole one of the D's at the centre of one of my hubcaps!! and i was parked in front of a masjid! rrarrr [angry shriek]

5. i'm back to square one and a half [silent shriek]

okay, buss :)

Mina at 10:00 AM