Sunday, June 04, 2006

my books are boxed, i feel so homeless *stricken* and boxed in two cartons for PAMPERS no less; my beautiful books are sitting in diaper cartons. and all my other junk has been sorted out and put in a box and labelled too. i feel like a hobo, an acutely uncomfortable, obsessive hobo hovering around the cartons wishing for infra-red vision so i can make sure no covers are slowly bending or dust-jackets being squinched at the corners :S

but i went swimming today, which makes up for everything :D i am such a water baby! read a really yummy thought on water in shantaram yesterday, will put it up sometime later. that, and a very dishy plath pome i discovered one very very late night when the entire world was asleep :)

Mina at 9:37 PM