Monday, June 12, 2006

good luck for the moizzay and the gree (pronounced gree.)

am sad for all the sadnesses that are floating about...'tis a time of strangeness, of shapeshifting horizons and sudden pieces of sad stars. everyone's going. i keep forgetting to say what wendy calls 'a proper goodbye' because i hate them. other people are watching the ships of their love float away from them, and they haven't the heart to even lift a hand in farewell..can only stand and grieve quietly. and some people are mourning loves they will never see again. ajeeb sa waqt hai, all i can think of are ruined battlements and torn flags lifted by a tired wind.

on a happier note, the pool was hilarious today, i was so unusually social 'tis stupendous! i happened to be taking a breather in the shallow end smack in the middle of three aunties, who began to discuss whether the breast stroke would increase their endowment, shall we say, and how eminently un-allowable that would be for them...i grinned with them, feeling very social and friendly, then pushed off for another lap. on the way back the aunties and their various progeny decided to swim in tandem, so halfway across the pool i was faced by what was in fact a school of whales trundling away in a drowning breast stroke! i considered turning around, or swimming around them, but i didn't have time so i said mina, just swim through the jellyfish (dan dan dan). and i did, but was buffeted left right and centre by the passing horde...hahahaha it was madly funny, i had to just stop right there and just laugh and laugh, expecting a whale moo any second.

Mina at 9:50 PM