Monday, June 05, 2006

fuss day at school

'haaan jeeee'

'i want to go home.'
'i haven't taken a bath in two days.'

'the atheenians were very bad people.'

'two-stick lollies are the most politically incorrect lollies, what if you only have one arm, how would you eat them then, huh?'

'okay, so who's pro-glo, and who's auntie glo?'

'sir fust of all...'
*whisper to neighbour* 'the boys played well'

'who is that?'
'she's hot! and i love her skirt...'
'i say we carry her off!'
'hahahaha- okay!'

'noonsaab mard bunn! guddi pinjo!'

'eik minute- aiieee hahaha'
'kya hua?'
'nothing, was being molested. you were saying?'

'see when girls call a bandi hot, the bandi is never hot.'

'nai o nai sunroof na kholein, hubs ayegi andar'
'hubs? hubs te ithay betha hai!'

hyahahaha summer quarter is always the funnest one :D

Mina at 6:14 PM