Thursday, June 15, 2006

feeling suddenly miserable. too much marquez and dead people who float into cities and stink up hostile stomach achy villages or were actually kicked in the head by a horse and only looked dead....uauaugghhgghhh! and now i'm seeing things everywhere; today is the second day in a row i've seen a black dog doing a doo in a flowerbed and today i saw a man with a picture frame of a malangy baba hanging from a thick kaali dori around his neck, and a man covered in bells and metal cylinders jingling and clanking most musically down a lane just off ferozepur road, holding out a metal cup most amiably for bits of change. kal i saw maha and she looked like she was trying to remember what eyes of a blue dog means. i think i'm going a little bit bonkers. this, and the fact that i'm germinating two poems at the same time, and i'm wearing green today so fecundity all around, and the sky is grey, mumbling rain about in its mouth, and it will rain and flowers will grow out of the cloud of my hair and i will dissolve into a little puddle of deliciously gloppy mud and when people pick the flowers they will smell them and say why this smells just like a girl i used to know

Mina at 11:14 AM