Thursday, May 04, 2006

girls and boys, blogs are now back to regular, mubarik ho! bharpoor taaliyan for whoever realised the inaneity of the ban and decided to do something about it, or the officials who got bored, or the minion who accidentally changed the settings on the Big Brother computer, or whatever!

i'm supposed to make me a yearbook page, it occurs to me. arrey wah! abhi se? i remember this one girl who for her a-level yearbook page, instead of a collage of friends and fun, wrote a paragraph on something i forget; it was one of those deep and meaningful i am poetess kind of ruminations that tend to fascinate the lesser-read. i remember our yearbook page, it was lovely: the right blend of pretty photographs and crazy adventure, our dogs and a splash of poetry...i think i put plath and pound on it, 'cantos' and 'lady lazarus', and haaaan one of my favourite bits from gibran. hahaha in retrospect that's a weird but interesting combination :) this yearbook page will be so much more different. good :)

don't give me no jibba-jabba, fool! haha Mr. T rocks :D *hums the A-team theme*

Mina at 6:15 PM