Sunday, March 12, 2006

what a really good party! what a great evening: thai chicken special with the girls, and then going dancing! perfect weather, perfect crowd. FUUUN! the only dark spot about it was that it was the first party i've been to without pete :( missed gule too, and jerry... sniff. everyone kept taking photographs; preserving one of the last parties we'll party as a batch.

i had forgotten how pretty you are :P it doesn't matter at the end of the day, but i had.

just finished reading 'agamemnon' and what a marvellous piece it is indeed, although methinks maybe it should have been called clytaemnestra instead. but *rubs her tummy and pats her forehead* much yummy, can't wait to write about it for tomorrow's quiz :D and ooo ooo i also read 'a room of one's own' for literary feminism last week and i think bits of it are going up on the Almaari Space O' Everyday Perusal. what a book, i gave it a standing ovation hehehehee

Mina at 5:20 PM