Monday, March 27, 2006

"that's a stupid password."
"hehehehe but it's funny!"

"what's 'gorpy'?"
"i don't know, it's just a word i like to think i invented."

"what do you want to title it?"
"i don't know....eik to i hate this split-second thinking of something meaningful."
"why not that?"
"why not what?"
"'split-second thinking of something meaningful'!"
"ooooo....why not!!"

happy birthday gorpy, you are now three years old! *clapping* i will eat some cake for you when i go home ;) what an interesting ride it's been thus far, this blog...the world is intrigued by a storyteller, and that's what blogs do...tell stories. mine's told a lot, lived a lot. lancelot. hahaha :D don't click the archives out of curiosity, they're dredging up 'mildred's blog' for some reason. mildred's blog, trust my blog to go wonky straight to mildred's's the equivalent of nasreen/parveen, 'mildred'. hehehehe. i dread mills. mill-dread.

Mina at 12:31 PM