Friday, March 17, 2006

so it has been done: the enormous jackie O sunglasses have been BOUGHT!!! WOO HOOOO i say, at the top of my very sore throat! syds and i did a little girly jaunt and got 'em and i am MOST to find a digital camera and take a foxy picture :D *does a little dance* yeaayyy hahahaha i put them on, and in my head it goes 'ooooo barracuda' jaisey charlie's angels main hota tha *lol*

i wrote a poem last week. the strange thing in my life is when i write something i don't like, everyone else loves it. and vice versa.

was watching/listening to a harry connick/cormick (google vs. telly name debate) jr. concert on telly the other day and he sung such a lovely song, 'other hours'. i won't post the lyrics but they're here if you want to look.

time for class, must dash

Mina at 8:40 AM