Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i have just come from a most unfruitful jaunt to variety books and have reached the conclusion that their collection in particular is just a random mish-mash of books they scrabble from book fairs and smuggled cartons, and put on the shelves and call themselves a bookstore. if you find treasures like a pristine copy of 'the waves' or a rare, single hardback of 'broken verses' and you snap it up faster than a starving piranha then you are lucky and also intelligent. if you found a beautiful copy of 'the namesake' and left it behind, as you did the cherry-red lusciousness of 'intimacy', then you will forever spend your life scanning their shelves hungrily, hopefully, tragically futilely- reduced to being a pining lover, smote by her own hand. 'tis hopeless. i have yet to find me a copy of either, anywhere.

Necessary Digression Aside, the funny thing is that today as i was having my meagre purchases rung up you will not believe who came to stand next to me: a guy with carefully brylcreemed hair, buying gooshy love cards! HAHAHAHAHAHA! put face-down on the counter (for discretion, i'm sure) but you know how the backs of cards have a little logo on it? yeah well the topmost one had a soppy cupid's bottom-and-flowers, 'yours only everlasting' kind of motif on it that i most bond-girledy eyed surreptitiously while pretending to be turning my enormous earrings to the front again.....hahahahahahha i couldn't stop grinning!! mushy card buyer, mushy card buyer! they just follow me around everywhere hahahahahahahahahaaaa

Mina at 4:50 PM